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Business Incubators and Their Tremendous Support to New Startups

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Business incubators have been helping the new startups since a long time with various ways and almost 70% of the successful organizations in today’s time owe their success to their respective business incubators.

There are a lot of ways through which these business incubators help their startup companies. From helping them with business investors to guiding them as business mentors in Vancouver, the business incubators provide tremendous support to the new startups.

Here are a few ways through which business incubators help the startups grow and make them to be a successful business in the near future –

1.    Helps in the marketing – There are plenty of startups around the world who emerge as a great future company with an amazing idea but then fail in the middle because of lack of potential marketing strategies. Not everyone can come up with the best marketing ideas and this is the reason most of these startups fail to succeed. With the help of incubator program, businesses receive a proprietary sales and marketing software suite, designed to help them quickly launch. Some business incubators also provide them a marketing consultant who works with them one-on-one to help them create and implement a sales and marketing strategy. And this is what startups need to get up and running to begin with.

2.    The Customer Service benefits – If you do not have any office space, these incubators help you get a new office space. You will be needing a proper office set up with a proper meeting room and such items, and business incubators help you get one. So that you don’t have to worry about a client meeting or a meeting with the investors.

3.    Helps you get potential clients – Business incubators are more likely to be in the business for a long time and they know a lot of potential investors who are willing to invest in good projects. As a new company, not everyone is going to trust you with their money and probably you won’t be able to know even if someone is looking for a great opportunity to invest in. a business incubator will help you get the right investor or business partner.

4.    Works as an amazing mentor – Business incubators are amazing mentors. They can help you make the right decision regarding many things; whether it is based on your product or based on the marketing department, a business incubator will help you with all sort of mentoring.



The Tribe Space is a tech incubator for startups in Vancouver BC, Canada help innovators get funding and connect you to the right investors.

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