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What Are The Differences Between Marketing And Branding?

marketing and branding tools

A lot of people cannot really understand the difference between marketing and branding but trust me; the two of them are far different from one another.

What marketing is? It is basically an action you take in order to promote a brand or a service actively. Marketing is more of a push towards a particular brand or service.

However, branding is more of a subtle way. There is no push towards the product. It is rather a pull towards the product. Branding should both precede and underlie any marketing effort. The branding of a product means the communication of its characteristics, values and attributes and these are the things that clarify what the particular brand is all about.

Difference between marketing and branding

There are a lot of differences between marketing and branding. They are—

1. While there are a lot of strategies involved in branding, marketing are more tactical – In a branding process for a particular product, there are a lot of strategies involved. Marketing however, is just a small part in the branding of a particular product. When someone does marketing for a product that might not stay in your mind for a long time. But when someone does branding for a product, that tends to stick to your mind for a long time because it is clearly associated with the product or the service’s or the organization’s capability of satisfying the customers. The brand of the product clearly determines whether a customer is going to be a loyal customer or not. A few examples are Nike, Puma, and Adidas or when it comes to cars, examples can be Lamborghini, Mercedes or Porch. These are one of the greatest examples of what is a “brand” called.

2. Marketing attracts temporary customers, branding gathers more loyal people – Both marketing and branding is very important for your product. However, marketing is all about attracting the customers for a short period of time. It is more like an emergency. The branding part on the contrary gathers more loyal customers. You might have seen people swearing by a few brands’ products and they only use that particular product and nothing else. The loyalty you get from a customer, it is because of the branding of the product.

There are a lot more differences between branding and marketing. However, although there are differences between these two, both are the most integral parts of a product’s selling purposes and this is the reason why you should use marketing and branding tools in order to enhance the sales of your product or business.




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